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PowerPHASE’s flagship product TurboPHASE uses air injection to restore power that is normally lost when ambient temperatures rise or at higher altitudes. TurboPHASE is a separately fuelled system composed of a reciprocating engine that drives a multi-stage intercooled compressor. The engine exhaust heat is used in a recuperative cogen process to heat air from the compressor. 650°F dry, compressed air exits the TurboPHASE module and is injected into the Gas Turbine in one or more of the existing ports at compressor discharge (pre-combustion). A power plant owner can add a single TurboPHASE module or several, depending on their needs. Responding to industry calls for greater power plant flexibility to support renewables, TurboPHASE was designed to ramp fully in under 60 seconds & go from part-load to full output in 10 seconds.

TurboPHASE is the lowest risk, highest ROI upgrade package available for gas turbines. It offers power generation owners the opportunity to improve gas turbine power output by 10 - 20%, while improving heat rate.

Additional value-added benefits include:

1. Faster time to market: 6 month lead, 2 day installation

2. Improved asset utilization: 15% Increase in Combined Cycle plant power output

3. Increase the heat rate and available run time on simple cycle peaking plants

4. Decreased costs: less than 1/2 the capital costs of a new peaker & burn 30% less fuel. No maintenance penalties.

5. A mobile and modular solution with a 30' x 8' footprint and impressive power density

6. Increased revenue: start in less than 60 seconds to capture peak prices and improved regulation or provide additional baseload capacity

How TurboPHASE Works

TurboPHASE Installation Case Study.

Recorded Power Magazine Webinar September 2014

The TurboPHASE Installation Site has three gas turbines (GT) with Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) that supply steam and power to an industrial steam host. The complex is located near Chicago, on the world’s largest grid, PJM. The TurboPHASE installation consists of two TurboPHASE Modules (TPMs), which are used primarily to increase the output capacity and the ramping speed of the plant.

Total potential power increase for a combined cycle power plant with TurboPHASE is 10-25%, depending on the type of plant, generator and shaft limits, at heat rates similar to combined cycle efficiency. Installation occurs over the course of a few days, and in the case of the installation, required no plant outage. Installed cost is less than 1/2 the cost of a new gas turbine plant.

Speakers: Bob Kraft - After 15 years in advanced aircraft engine engineering at GE and Pratt & Whitney Bob co-founded Power Systems Mfg., LLC in 1998 (PSM). Among its first products was a cutting edge ultra-low NOx combustion system for retrofit to GE and Westinghouse gas turbines that reduced engine emissions from 25 to less than 5 ppm NOx. The system is still in service today on dozens of units–and still world-class performance. After the company was acquired by Calpine in late 2000 Bob remained as VP Engineering succeeding to the presidency in 2008 a year after Alstom acquired the company. Under his technical and business leadership PSM became the world’s leading alternate source supplier of advanced components for the state-of-the-art F-class fleet of industrial gas turbines. In 2011 Bob founded PowerPHASE LLC, which has developed the TurboPHASE air injection system as a smarter way to add more natural gas generation to the power grid.

Bruce Kelly - Manager Plant Operations Services Sega, Inc. Mr. Kelly has 35 years of consulting experience in the power industry covering performance, optimization, simulation, and equipment condition monitoring for fossil fueled power plants burning coal, natural gas, and oil. Mr. Kelly is the Author of EOP® an energy optimization program developed at Texas A&M University in 1985 and perfected at Iowa State University, The University of Iowa, University of Colorado, Southern Illinois and Easter Illinois Universities, and John Deere Corporation through the early 90s. Mr. Kelly is the Author of EndResult® Performance Software released in 1993 which is still in use around the world by power plant performance engineers. EndResult® was the calculation engine for central station performance monitors deployed at 6 KCPL Units and 3 MidAmerican Energy Units in the 1990s and 2000s as well as numerous Industrial and Municipal steam and power generation sites. Mr. Kelly led the development of Engineered Performance® and ePower® in the early 2000s deploying web based remote monitoring solutions and executive dash boards for combustion turbine power plants from coast to coast. Mr. Kelly is a voting member of ISA 77.20 covering fossil power plant simulation, a member of the Western Utilities Training Advisory Board, and Past Chair of the Society for Computer Simulation (SCS) power plant simulation conference. Mr. Kelly has presented at conferences for ASME Power, EPRI, ISA, EUEC, PowerGen, and CoalGen.