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ACC - Air Cooled Steam Condensers

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Air cooled condensers, otherwise known as ACC's or vacuum steam condensers, condense steam under vacuum. The equipment is most commonly located at the outlet of a steam turbine, and the condensate is recycled to an heat recovery steam generator (hrsg) prior to return to the steam turbine under a closed loop system. Tube bundles are usually orientated as an A-frame.

See case histories at the link below for some of Jord International’s ACC installations ranging from small to very large applications. http://www.jord.com.au/services-inner/power/208/

Evaporation & Crystallization


Evaporation - Designs include forced circulation , long-tube vertical (both rising and falling film), and calandria-type evaporators. The economics of your particular process will dictate the evaporator style and model best suited to your needs.

Crystallization - Jord has references that include pioneering technology for production of large, uniform crystals using a draft tube baffle (dtb). Applications include ammonium sulphate, where superior filtration, centrifugation, washing, drying, and storage characteristics are required. Dtb crystallisation is the result of years of research and development as well as proven plant scale operation in more than 300 installations.

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